Counting Breaths- Guided Meditation in English

Gepostet von am 1, 12 Januar, 2016

Counting Breaths- Guided Meditation in English

A simple guided meditation which focuses on your breath.


Maria supports busy people of all ages and backgrounds interested in becoming more mindful and balanced amidst the turmoil of everyday life. The benefits of meditation are scientifically proven. Above all: It is about you. How you can improve yourself to become the happiest and healthiest you can be. Meditation is a great tool to find peace in your body, mind and heart. And most important. Let the peace be permanent. Letting life happen for you instead of getting constantly until you are burnout.

Maria has been meditating since she was eleven and works as a meditation instructor over 15 years. Yoga and meditation helped her as a child while she had to deal with sleeping problems. She also studied acting in her early twenties. She currently runs a blog and Youtube channel. An application with the same name „Du Hast Pause“ is available by at the App Store and Google Play Store. Since 2012 she studies mediumship. She loves exploring motherhood since 25 months. And lives with her family in Zuerich.

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